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Listbuilding 101 - List Building Basics and Techniques

In traditional direct marketing, people often say that "the list is everything.
"It's no different in Internet marketing - the list you make is the market you take.
The list is everything and this means that list-building is everything.
Study after study concludes that the largest expense faced by a business is that of acquiring a new client.
Anything that decreases that expense or, conversely, any activity that increases the value of customers or prospects you already haveis well worth developing.
Building lists is one of the best ways to do just that.
Here's a few tips on building your own lists...
Start with your existing customers.
Chances are you have a list of customer or should have!Is it complete?Ensure that your customer list contains every client that you've ever had.
Include every type of contact information, too -- telephone, email address, snail mail address, etc.
Start a regular newsletter.
For prospects list building, one good method is to solicit subscribers to a newsletter, a blog or a public knowledge base.
Capturing addresses in this way will give you an "opt-in" list address (meaning that they've agreed you can send them email) and, depending on what the newsletter focus, it can be a good way of qualifying the nature of the subscriber's interest.
Trade lists.
Swapping lists with third parties or renting other business's lists on a one-time basis is another good way of establishing a list.
Test these lists in a simple promotion to gauge their response and, of course, any responses you get can be added to your own permanent list.
Keep in mind that your own list is an important asset - so be careful who you rent yours to.
Always ensure that you see exactly the offer that will be used by them on your list.
Always remember that a name and email address is a valuable asset.
Build your list and it'll pay off again and again in future promotions and marketing efforts.

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