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Explore the Beautiful Beaches of Europe

When you're attempting to find the finest beaches in Europe, Portugal is a great place to start, particularly in the Algarve region.
The Algarve truly has something for everyone; coves, caves, grottos and sandy beaches are all prevalent along the Portuguese coastline, with Bengali beach, situated west of Albufeira, being particularly special.
Tucked away behind a towering, craggy cliff, Bengali beach can be easy to miss but an absolute treat if you discover it.
Boasting soft, golden sands and great bathing opportunities, this beach, as well as the fabulous cove beaches just along the coast in Lagos, is perfect for a quiet and relaxing day by the sea.
For holiday makers traveling to France, Biarritz beach is a must see.
A chic hangout for trendy beach lovers and surfers, Biarritz has been the host of surf competitions for 40 years, with long and short boarders gathering at the beach every July to prove their skills during a week-long competition.
For those who want to steer clear of the surfers, the wonderful Miramar or Port Vieux beaches may be more to your liking due to surfing in those areas being prohibited - leaving you to simply lie back and enjoy the sun, sea and sand.
Sweden is unlikely to be the first place you think of when beautiful beaches are mentioned but the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, about 100 miles south east of Stockholm, is a true treasure.
With summer temperatures in Sweden surprisingly high and daylight hours extremely long, Gotland is a prime location for beach lovers with 50 miles of coastline, so finding a secluded spot won't be a challenge.
The island also boasts the best sunshine record in Sweden so get ready to work on your tan if you decide to enjoy a sojourn to the island.
Greece has long been a favourite location for many travelers seeking the perfect beach, with an amazing variety of spots to choose from.
Red Beach, situated on the island of Santorini, is widely regarded as one of the finest Greek beaches, with red, grainy sand and crystal water.
The rocks scattered along the coast have also led to the beach becoming a haven for snorkelers.
Panormas beach is located on Mykonos, one of the most attractive islands in Greece.
The beach is perfect for anyone who just wants to get away from it all, with soft sand dunes, stunning scenery and far less people than some of the more tourist-heavy areas of Greece.
A plethora of delightful beaches are dotted around the Greek islands and coast, so to find your perfect spot, it's worth booking some cheap flights to Greece [http://www.
asp] and discovering the beautiful, secluded areas for yourself.
Breath taking beaches are all over Europe, including some of the finest in the world so it's worth taking the time during your holiday to explore the local vicinity of your destination.
After all, you never know what fantastic beaches you may stumble across.

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