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"What am I doing wrong?"Sometimes you wonder how come competing websites get so many daily visitors and you only have a few people dropping in now and then.
Here are some things you can do to change that and have thousands of visitors.
You may not have original content on your site.
Giving visitors original information that they cannot find any where else is critical.
Make sure your website is the authority on what you offer and individuals will continuously visit.
Not only should the information beup to date it should also be factual and not science fiction unless your site is a SCI-FI site.
New Stories, Articles, and Press releases that relate to your website will also make persons interested in checking it out.
Giving awayfree e-books is a greatidea; potential customers would appreciate receiving free information being sent to them about things that interest them.
Do you offer freeware (software)? Not doing this could doyour site a lot of damage.
Every body loves to find great offers on useful software for their personal computers and because it is free, this makes it even better.
Having an article directory will encourage lots of people to your website, If you don't owna directory you should get one right away.
A Directory to consider is an Article Directory for visitors to submit article, this will not only increase visitors but italso increase the information on your site, the search engines like fresh new material.
A SEO link Directory is also a great idea where other sites can promote themselves, this gives more value to your customers.
People willvisit because they can locate what everthey're are searchingfor all on one website.
Offering samples of your goods or service will make people more likely to visit your website, if you are not giving away free samples this will cause you to receive fewer visitors than you should.
Visitors would trust you andbe more interested in buying once you show theme that your confidence in your service or productis so strongthat you are willing to give away free samples.
Is there consistency on your website? If not you should look into maintaining the theme of your site.
You don't want unrelated content that does not go with the whole theme of your site.
You should also make your website public ready.
People are nottrusting to Internet businesses so to build trust you musthave a place on your site that has details about the owner- your name, phone number, address and money back guarantee.
Do you offer a payment Option for your services? You should keep pricing flexible, if you try offering a fixed price you could loose customers who can't affordonepayment, but if you have an easypayment plan you could get interested visitors who would not normally be able to, to purchase your product.
Most business both offline and online offer Options plans because of this you should too.
If your'guilty of any these things you should take theaction.
You would see incredible results.
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