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Seven Recession Rescue Strategies

Maybe everything is going swimmingly well for you? If so, you can skip this and continue to enjoy the fruits of your labours.
If not, here are seven simple things to focus on:
  1. Don't throw in the towel emotionally just because things might be a little tricky right now.
    They are supposed to be.
    Strong headwinds challenge and test even the most experienced of sailors so why should you be any different? So long the basics are in place and you are putting measures in place to keep going forward, however slowly, then that's okay.
  2. Identify the top 5% - 20% of your regular customers and design products and services with them in mind.
    It's the old 80/20 rule but now is the time to focus 80% of your time and energies on the 20% are more likely than anyone else to pay your bill and repeatedly use your services.
  3. Look closely at what you can upsell.
    What are the related services that your existing customers might be interested in.
    Brainstorm what the links and connections might be, however tenuous they might appear.
    You will inevitably find customers who will say "Oh, I didn't know you did that?"
  4. Consider a strategy that encourages customers to do business with you because of your relationship with other businesses.
    Because of your connections and associations, customers will perceive that you move in the right circles and that you can deliver added value because of this.
    Nobody expects you to be able to do it all but they will trust those whom you introduce.
  5. Communicate even more with your existing customers.
    Take the trouble to find out how things are for them.
    Try asking, ' What's the most important thing to you this month'.
    They will tell you and you will know if you or someone else can help them.
  6. Find a 'pain of disconnect' strategy to implement or review.
    It's never too late to do this.
    It might be to do with your exceptional customer service, free gifts, monthly news or support tutorials.
    Anything that makes your customer not want to stop doing business with you less thy miss out on something special.
  7. Keep on exploring the niches within your business.
    It's always much easier to market to a niches.
    They automatically pre-qualify themselves to be interested in what you offer.
    Even if you are already established in a particular field there are bound to be niches within it.
Underpining all of this is hard work.
A lot of people I know are working seven days a week.
Not just because the headwinds are so strong at the moment but because they want to come through stronger and more successful than before.
Nothing lasts forever and if you accept the words of Victor Hanson, 'most people don't work'.
They just do 'stuff' and do a bit of it here and there.
If you didn't skip this then that's one of the reasons why you are probably doing well, you are always on the look-out for ways to improve.
And if things are not so good, you now have new strategies to explore.

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