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You Can "Earn a Fortune on the Internet!" I Wonder How Often You Have Been Told That?

There are a huge number of "Opportunities " advertised on the Internet promising all kinds of routes to untold wealth and security.
It is interesting, and sad, to note that 97% of people who try such schemes fail within the first year.
Here is an actual example which ended up with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) suing the individual concerned: "Earn $ 115,000 a year!!All you have to do is purchase my internet product for only $47.
77 and receive the rights to reproduce my website and the right to try and resell its content to other consumers for only $47.
that was the BIG PRINT!...
that was the hype...
in the small print the actual truth painted a different picture: "Earn $ 115,000 a year!!...
all you have to do is purchase my internet product for only $47.
77 and sell my product to 2400 additional consumers, who would each need to sell to an additional 2400 consumers to achieve $115,000 a year...
so by the third generation of this fantastic scheme all participants will have to have made, collectively, more than 13,800,00,000 sales ( that is 13.
8 billion by the way!)...
which is more than the population of the world!!...
so it might take a little time! This example is a classic reason why so many people fail.
They they read the BIG PRINT and get sucked in by the hype and the glitz and the glamour because they fail to do their due diligence, they fail to check out the "Opportunity" in proper detail.
Remember it is your time as well as your money that you are giving to an "Opportunity" Time is a resource that is so precious, and needs to be used in an efficient and effective manner.
In order to save yourself wasting your valuable time resource on schemes that fail and cause you years of failure and frustration you have to start with some basic questions.
All these questions need full and satisfactory answers, otherwise you are in great danger of becoming another victim! (1) Do the owners have integrity? (2) If it is a "ground floor opportunity" give it at least 2 years to get "bedded in"..
because most people do not make money in the first 2 years while the company is dealing with start-up issues (3) If the product would not sell without the business opportunity being attached, it is ILLEGAL! (4) Ask yourself and your potential new sponsor the question; " How many people do I need on my team to earn a recurring income cheque of $500 per month?" if you get no answer, they should not get your business! (5) Is there a system in place that can be easily learnt by you and duplicated for others to learn? In summary here is what you want (1) A company with a track record of growth and owners who demonstrate experience and integrity (2) A company that is more than 2 years old and with the potential to "rocket" your earnings once people find out about the company (3) A company that has fairly priced products that could sell as stand alone products, without the need to have a business opportunity attached.
(4) A company that can tell you the number of people you need in your team to produce the income that you want to achieve on a regular monthly basis.
(5) A company with a recognised training system in place that has a complete set of easily accessible resources to explain the system with the use of books, audios and videos.
This makes the system able to duplicate itself easily.
Of course there are other factors to consider, but if you can identify a company able to tick all 5 requirements listed above, then you are well on the way to finding the company that will turn your dreams of making a regular income from online Network Marketing into a Reality.

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