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Discover the Secrets to Please a Guy in Bed

Lovemaking is an important part of every couple's relationship. Private moments in the bedroom make the relationship stronger and more interesting. Men are expected to be the performer in the bedroom while women are the receiver or being pleased by men. If most women like being pleased, it is the same with men. Men need to receive the same pleasure you've been getting from them in the bedroom. It could be tiring for men to be always the one to initiate and perform in the bedroom. He deserves some loving and caring too in the bedroom. Lovemaking is not only pleasuring yourself but also your partner. It is 50% getting pleasure and 50% pleasing your partner. Women should know how to please a guy in bed if they want a lasting relationship. So how to please a guy in bed? The following tips can be very helpful.

Seduce him with lovemaking clothes. Although most men want to see naked women, they also want to play with their imagination so it excite them more to see women in seductive clothes. You can dress without revealing too much but you can make him feel he's seeing you naked. A white body hugging thin shirt emphasizing your breasts and nipples shape can turn a man on. A see-through dress could really excite your man too. It is important to choose soft fabrics like satin because men love the feel of a woman's body underneath the soft fabric. Of course the classic laces, body stockings and lingerie are the all-time favorites of men to see on their women. And another thing that you should know is that one of the fantasies of men is role-playing so owning some role-playing costumes could be very handy if you want to please a guy in bed. Know what role-playing he likes the most and seduce him with the character he always fantasize. You can be a sexy nurse, a stewardess, a naughty school girl, a cheerleader, a seductive gypsy, etc.

Maintain a fit and sexy body. If you want to please a guy in bed, maintain a fit and sexy body. Although your man loves you in whatever body shape you are in, it cannot be denied that men are visual and sexy women turn them on. Hit the gym and lose those love handles. You do not have to be as sexy as those of super models but you have to at least look good on sexy clothes. If you really want to please a guy, a sexy body can be very helpful.

Tease him outside the bedroom. For couples, lovemaking does not only begin in the bedroom. A great lovemaking need some preparations and it usually starts outside the bedroom. If you want to please a guy in bed, you have to make him desire you even when you are apart. Make him think of you and desire lovemaking with you wherever he is. If he's out-of-town, tease him on the webcam so that he can't wait to get home and have lovemaking with you. Send him sexy text messages or send him your naughty photos. There are a lot of ways to tease him and ignite his sexual desires and fantasize about you.

Feel proud of your body. One thing that hinders women from enjoying lovemaking with their man is the awkward feeling and embarrassment when they are all naked in front of their partner. If you are too self-conscious, you are making it harder for you and your partner. Be confident with your body! If you really want to please a guy in bed, throw caution in the air and enjoy the lovemaking with your partner. Try new things and be open-minded and you'll be surprised how pleased your man can be.

Be creative in the bedroom. Men have their sexual fantasies and who else can help them with their fantasies? Of course it should be you. Experimenting and creativity in the bedroom is not always bad as long as it is within your moral values and you both agreed about it. Experimenting doesn't have to be the addition of another person in the bedroom if that is not acceptable to you or to your partner. There so many ways to experiment in the bedroom and please a guy in bed like the use of sex toys, role-playing, check-in a hotel for a change, etc. If you really want to please a man in bed, know his sex fantasies and try to fulfill them.

Know what type of foreplay he enjoys. Women are under the impression that only women enjoy foreplay maybe because they have a wrong idea about foreplay. For women, foreplay is all about kissing and touching but for men it is not the same. Find out what kind of foreplay works for your man and please your man. Foreplay ideas that might work for men are role-playing, bathing together, massaging him with your naked body and watching porn with him in bed. Know what he likes best and give it to him and he will thank you for that.

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