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Along with the excitement of having a home-based business is the fear.
Yes, we have all had it at one time or another.
It can be extremely confusing.
There is so much out there on the Internet telling you what you should or should not do.
Do you want to do a direct sale type of business or do you want to do a residual type of business? Do you want to proceed with your business proactively or passively? Do you want to sell the 'lotions, potions and pills' or do you want to do the PLR (Private Label Resale)? Do you want to promote training or wellness? Do you want to promote products or services? Yes, it can be quite confusing, even for someone that has been in the field for many years.
I am going to attempt to help you make some of your own decisions in the next several articles from me.
I am not going to tell you what business you should do, that will be for you to decide, yet I will help you with what to do once you have made some decisions.
Here are some questions you will need to answer to yourself.
~ How much money do I have NOW to invest in a business? ~ How much money do I have NOW to invest monthly in a business? ~ How much time do I have NOW to invest in a business on a weekly basis? ~ Am I willing to learn to do things that I don't know how to do now? First thing, do some due diligence.
Check out several different businesses before you make up your mind on anything.
Don't jump into the first business you checkout! 1.
What is the product? Would you use/buy that product? 2.
Would you feel comfortable promoting this product/service? 3.
Is there value in the product/service? Can anyone see the value? 4.
What is the start up costs? What are the monthly costs? 5.
Speak to several people in that business.
Ask them how they feel about the business, how long they have been working that business and how they are doing in that business.
You may even ask to see proof that they are making that kind of money.
You need to ask them how much time each week is needed to work that business successfully.
How long has this business been around? You want to be sure that if you join that business that it will still be around next month or year.
There are no guarantees on anything.
Who is the owner? Do your due diligence on the owner.
Do they have a good or shady reputation? 8.
Is there any 'trial time' or 'no questions asked money back time frame' so you can get in, check it out yourself and if you don't feel comfortable with that company, you can back out? 9.
Before you do sign up with any company, do some due diligence on their top people.
Who you sign up with is very important.
If you sign up under someone who has just gotten into the business, they can't really help you much to get going yourself.
If you sign up under someone who is their top Sponsor, that person will know what works best for them and can, in most cases, teach you what they did to be successful.
FYI - Sometimes when you sign up under a top Sponsor, they don't have the time to deal with every person they put in, they have so many people under them.
What kind of training does the company provide? How often is their training? Is it available 24/7 or just once a week? Is it over the phone or an online conference room? 11.
Is this business restricted to certain countries or is it worldwide? Now, I didn't want to scare you about having a home-based business.
Your choice can make the difference between wasting your time, money and effort and living the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family.

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