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Chant Customers to Your Door

Okay, everyone get out your yoga mats.
We're going to generate leads by meditating.
I haven't officially lost it.
(Unofficially, maybe.
) We all set goals for the New Year and by now we have probably blown most of them.
After all, we're human.
Revenue goals are a little different as you need to wait to see the results.
However, you can help expedite your revenue goals (and others, for that matter) with mantras.
They aren't just for yogis anymore! My experience has been very positive with mantras when used in conjunction with a particular goal or group of goals including revenue generation.
Let me share some of my personal techniques with you.
Don't laugh without trying some of these.
Prioritize Your Goals: At the beginning of a new year we have a lot of goals.
As the months wane we tend to edit the list to either give ourselves a better chance of success or add bigger, better ones.
Review your goals and the emotions you feel about each.
If they really don't excite you, ditch it.
Put the ones that really bring a smile to your face at the top when you imagine already accomplishing them.
Make Sure They Don't Conflict: The Universe combined with your brain has amazing power to deliver anything you desire, but it can't help you if your goals conflict.
wanting to travel the world with your family and make partner at your law firm.
Some are more subtle, so watch out for conflicts as they sabotage your goals more than you know.
Relevant to revenue generation, wanting 50 new clients per month and having a 4 hour work week is probably a conflict.
Though, there are plenty of gurus out there telling you can have it all.
What they leave out is...
not at the same time.
That's conflict.
Write an "Active" Mantra: Once you have removed conflicts from your goals, write them into an easy to memorize mantra.
The key is to speak in active voice.
Example: I close 50 new clients each month.
Inactive I am closing 50 new clients each month.
Active It seems minor, but it's the fuel that changes this from a mere statement to an action.
Your brain starts saying, "Wait a second.
I am supposed to be doing this now.
I need to get on this and go in the right direction to make this real.
" That's all the Universe and the brain ever want to do: make what you think real.
I'm sure at least one teacher shared the age-old, "If you think you can, you can.
And, if you think you can't, you can't.
" This is exactly the same.
Repeat it to Yourself Constantly! Anytime you are waiting in line, in traffic or stuck in a boring meeting repeat it to yourself.
Even if your goal is hard to imagine with repetition it will become more real.
When it does, add emotion as you repeat it.
Imagine how you feel as you visualize yourself achieving this.
Honestly, I have experienced great leaps in goal achievement when I stick with my mantras.
If you find yourself stalled in your goals - particularly revenue goals - try putting your words into the right active mantra format and stick with it for a while.
You can't expect instant results, though I have seen it happen pretty fast.
This is the fuel on your fire.

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