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Emergency Auto Tools

    Jack and Wheel Wrench

    • A jack and wheel wrench are usually supplied by the manufacturer of the car. The wheel wrench--used to remove the wheel nuts--tends to be quite short. If the nuts are very tigh,t you may not be able to exert enough force on the lever to undo them. Carry a strong metal tube, about 12-inches long, that will slide over the wrench lever to give you extra leverage.

    Foot Pump

    • Punctures can sometimes be small, causing the tire to deflate over a period of time. Make use of a foot pump to get you to a garage without having to put on the spare wheel. On long journeys, carrying a foot pump could be the only way to get you to safety if you get more than one flat tire.

    Warning Triangles

    • Breaking down at night on an unlit highway can be very dangerous for you and other road users. The warning triangle is a reflective warning signal placed on the highway to warn other drivers there is a hazard ahead. On a straight road, triangles should be placed 100 feet and 200 feet behind your vehicle with a third triangle placed 100 feet in front.


    • A flashlight is useful when trying to fix a problem with your car at night. Models with halogen bulbs have a very powerful beam, and some flashlights can also be used as lanterns or have additional flashing beacon lights to indicate danger to other drivers. To ensure your flashlight is always ready to use, either carry spare batteries or purchase a wind-up model.

    Glass Hammer

    • Vehicles involved in serious traffic accidents can, occasionally, be so damaged that the doors cannot be opened. A glass hammer can be used to break the windshield for you to make your exit. They can also be used from the outside to gain entry if someone is trapped in a vehicle. Look for glass hammers that also include a seat belt cutter as you may not be able to reach the buckle of an injured person's seat belt.

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