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How Do I Clean the Interior of a Corvette?

    • 1). Remove any trash, papers and unnecessary belongings from the car.

    • 2). Take out the floor mats and shake them until they are free of loose debris. Vacuum both mats. Vacuum all carpeted surfaces inside the Corvette until they are completely free of dirt and debris.

    • 3). Spray glass cleaner on all of the interior window surfaces and dry them to a streak-free shine using paper towels. Use the same glass cleaner to remove any smudges or grime from the rear-view mirror.

    • 4). Remove all of the dust from the dashboard with a damp washcloth. Continue wiping dust from the other hard surfaces inside the car.

    • 5). Spray leather cleaner onto the leather seating surfaces and wipe them clean with a dry cotton towel. Apply a coat of leather conditioner to the leather seating surfaces with a slightly damp washcloth. Allow the leather conditioner to dry for at least one hour.

    • 6). Place an air freshening cartridge under the passenger seat.

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