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Relationship Advice: How to Prevent a Break Up

Many people need relationship advice. They want to learn how to prevent a break up right away. Believe it or not, there are things you can do to renew your lover's interest quickly and overcome obstacles that can form in a long term situation. These methods are not difficult and can work very quickly. Start repairing your relationship so you never have to worry about recovering from a break up!

Look at Problems and Dig Deeper

Take a look at the problems you and your lover are currently experiencing. It is quite possibly (and likely) that there is something far under the surface that is causing them. For example, a cold shoulder is a serious problem in a relationship. However chances are there was something that happened to cause that cold shoulder reaction from your partner. Trying to cure symptoms will not get you anywhere. You must look deeper, into the cause if you truly want to correct things.

Remember What Made You Fall in Love

You and your lover probably share at least a few fond memories from early in your relationship. These can help you in three ways. First, consider talking about it once in a while. Reminiscing can sometimes kindle similar feelings that you both felt when the event happened. Second, use those moments as inspiration for future romantic moments together. Third, let those moments remind you about why your partner is special.

Choose Your Fights Carefully

Is this argument really worth it? Will you really care about where you had dinner on Friday night in a year or two? Probably not. One of the biggest problems that arise in long term relationships is bickering. You have lost the desire to impress one another and you probably know each other's annoying habits very well, which can lead to petty disagreements. Disarm a situation by finding a compromise. The situation should be give and take on both sides, but remember that the insignificant fights and begin to build up into something big and nasty!

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