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Someday I Am Going to Do That

Kristen and her dad sat quietly as they drove to the dentist.
The sun was shining behind them as it came up from the East and the birds were chirping as they passed through the local streets.
"Dad," questioned Kristen, "How come you have to go to work every day?" Kristen's dad giggled, as his right hand rested on the steering wheel and the other relaxed out the window.
"Well honey, that's so someday you can go to college.
" Kristen sat for a moment, thinking about her father's response.
Her curly blonde hair laid on her shoulders as her big blue eyes stared deep into the future.
"But daddy, I don't want you to work every day just so I can go to college.
I want you to stay at home for the summer with me so we can spend the time together.
" Kristen's father was pleased her daughter wanted to spend time together, "Well honey, I still have to go to work to pay the bills.
" "But daddy, I can sleep in a tent all summer.
And I've saved fifty dollars; we can surely buy enough water and food to get us through July and August.
" Kristen seemed annoyed that her father was wasting his precious time, when he could have been with her.
"Oh honey, that's awfully nice of you.
But you know, someday I will be retired and I'll be able to spend as many summer days as I want doing whatever I can dream of," explained Kristen's father.
But, Kristen didn't like that answer too much, as any seven year old wouldn't.
She batted her big blue eyes with concern.
"But daddy, retirement is a hundred years away.
I don't understand how I can have every summer off but you can't.
I just wish you didn't have to say someday," Kristen answered with disappointment.
"You know Kristen," her father began, "Someday I'm going to do that, someday I will have the summer off - every summer.
Don't you worry.
" "But I do worry daddy, because someday is so far away and what if you only make it to today?" Kristen's answered slipped out without any hesitation.
Her father looked shocked her daughter would think of such a thing.
"I know you say someday all the time daddy, I hear you and mommy say it.
Someday we'll go to that new restaurant, someday we'll go to the water park, someday you'll build mommy her new kitchen table.
How come everything always has to happen someday? Why can't it happen today?" Kristen seemed very upset with someday.
Her father finally started to realize what his daughter was saying, as he grasped the steering wheel with both hands and turned into the dentist's office.
"Daddy?" "Yes honey?" "I don't mean to upset you daddy, but I'm just so confused about someday.
I mean, when I want to ride my bike, I ride it.
When I want to make cupcakes I get mommy.
When I want to create a new painting I do it.
" Kristen seemed even more upset as she explained, "I just don't want to grow up daddy.
" "And why's that Kristen," her dad asked confused as he undid his seatbelt.
"Because daddy," she started to explain.
"When you grow up, everything is about someday and I want to do everything today.

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