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Organo Gold Review - The Real Story

What is Organo Gold and why is it the fastest growing company today? What is Ganoderma? What is Healthy Coffee? All these questions are buzzing around the Internet for good reason.
Right here, you will discover the actual response to this.
Bernardo Chua is the visionary behind Organo Gold which was founded in 2008.
Being a veteran of the network marketing world he is no stranger to the industry and understands what it takes to make a winning company.
His vision statement is "Bringing the Treasures of the Earth to the People of the World.
" To do this He infused the Number one Nutraceutical Ganoderma also know as the "King of Herbs" with a line of gourmet coffee.
Ganoderma is what makes Healthy Coffee.
Bernardo being the visionary behind OG and has teamed up with Shane Morand who helped lunch Organo Gold.
Shane Morand is also known around the world for his expertise in Network marketing and direct selling.
Shane Morand has worked directly with several of the World's top motivators and trainers including Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Dr.
Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn and Les Brown, just to name a few.
Shane has been introducing Nutraceuticals to North America since April of 2004 and holds the rank of Global Master distributor in Organo Gold.
Shane Morand is also responsible for teaming up with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and Self development program that enables distributors personal growth which aids in their success.
Holton Buggs joined Bernardo & Shane which forms one of the most powerful Support Teams anywhere in Direct Sells or Network Marketing.
Holton's "Rags to Riches" story started with his profession as an engineer graduating from college and entering Corporate America.
His dreams were much larger than any salary he could earn as an engineer so with the American Dream deep in his heart he retired from Corporate America at the age of 27 to pursue his real passion.
Today, he is responsible for helping thousands of people to realize their dreams and goals.
He is currently a Master Trainer and Motivational Speakers that travels the globe.
This Leadership of the co-founders at OG has propelled them to into being the fastest growing company Today.
These dynamic individuals along with the support of their spouses have put together complete training systems and support teams that are unparalleled in the industry and are changing the lives thousands all over the globe.
So the vision of Bernardo Chua is truly coming to pass as Organo Gold is "Bringing the Treasures of the Earth to the People of the World.
" The treasure is Ganoderma and the vehicle is Coffee.
What is Ganoderma and why coffee? What is Ganoderma? The mushroom releases enzymes that breaks down wood, these enzymes have been proven to be health-promoting substances.
The mushroom is large and flat with brown-yellow spores.
With ganoderma, there are about 250 medical properties that supports the body functions.
In the early days, Asian people, especially the Chinese and the Indians often used Ganoderma mushroom to treat sicknesses.
This natural health remedy helps you to live a longer healthier life.
You don't have to be ill before you make use of the medicinal plant.
There has been a series of scientific research over the last few years.
This research has proven that Ganoderma is the most beneficial mushroom plant that man has ever known.
The benefit of strong immunity that ganoderma brings to the human body is worth giving great attention.
You must have a strong immune system to fight against sickness and diseases.
Ganoderma helps the immune system since the substance is rich in Polysaccharides, Triterpenoids, Adenosine, and Germanium.
There are no side effects with Ganoderma.
Ganoderma is said to be the "King of Herbs (adaptogens)" which means, substances that have no toxicity, and their work is not limited to specific parts of the body.
Adaptogens aids by normalizing body functions as a healing process.
Could this be the total cure of an ailment that can be achieved through a supplementary use of adaptogens that can restores the body functions to their original and natural states? That's how Ganoderma Lucidum would work in the body.
Simply speaking, the term "healthy coffee" refers to any coffee beverage to which a health-promoting substance has been added.
This is usually achieved through the use of a natural plant called Ganoderma which has been in existence for hundreds of centuries.
Ganoderma was first used in Eastern herbal practices to cure ailments.
It was also believed to offer an anti-aging benefit to the body.
For these reasons, Eastern people, most especially in China and India, greatly treasured it above any other herbs.
Discoveries on the natural plant eventually got into the Western world.
Today, it is the major substance being used to make healthy coffee beverages.
Organo Gold is now 4.
5 years old and officially launched in 2010.
Since that time OG has produced the following stats:
  • Organo Gold has since produced the #1 income earner in all of MLM and direct sales
  • They have also placed 6 in the top 15 of all income earners
  • They are building a 240 Million dollar Ganoderma manufacturing plant in Asia
  • StarBucks did 47 Million is sales in their first 4 years
  • OG did just under 700 Million in the same time frame
  • OG is Projected to break a 1.
    5 Billion in sales in the next 2 years
  • Coffee has no ACID and very low levels of Caffeine
  • Alkaline's your body and oxygenates the blood
  • Last year Organo Gold Corporate invested in a Floating Hospital for the Dominican Republic
  • They are the only company fully engaged and endorsed by the Napoleon Hill Foundation for Personal Growth & Development
  • Now operating in 33 countries around the GLOBE and has been voted the #1 momentum company in business
  • Launching a world class children's Personal Development and Educational program at our International company convention in Las Vegas this coming October
Organo Gold is a corporation on the move and has inspire thousands to join in their success.
In the opinion of the author Organo Gold Review has found that this business is not only legitimate but just may be the greatest opportunity in the world today.

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