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How "My Internet Business" Made Money Utilizing Video Marketing

Whether you are just starting an Internet Business, or if you have been working online for awhile you probably understand the importance of marketing.
The biggest misconception online is that if you have a website you will automatically profit.
I discovered the truth with My Internet Business, it originates by implementing the correct marketing and advertising techniques.
Video Marketing has become one of the latest marketing features on the Internet.
It allows you to get your message out to clients, while directing them to your website for review.
Compared to search engine marketing, videos can get high search rankings.
While there are many online marketing strategies on the internet that are costly, using video services are free.
When creating powerful and profit pulling videos for My Internet Business there were some guidelines that I discovered.
To start generating powerful video follows some of the tips below to get you started.
) Video Outline - It is important to decide upon the direction of the video and have a clear outline.
) Length of Video - Internet Users are busy now a days.
They want to hear a message, relate to it and move on to the next step.
When creating videos I suggest keeping the videos less then five minutes.
) Keywords - Use keyword tags to your videos.
This makes it easy for other to find you.
In addition they will be ranked on the search engines, so take some time and research the phrases that you are utilizing.
The keywords should be relevant and concise with your video.
Use as many keywords as allowed.
4,) Equipment - The equipment necessary, matters on the type of video you are doing.
If you plan to tape yourself, or an event then you will need to have a web cam or a cam-corder.
If you want a video of still pictures then neither of these are necessary.
Even with the still pictures I would recommend putting your voice, narrating your video.
You can get a quality microphone that attaches to your computer.
) Camera Shy -Some people just can't imagine stepping in front of a video camera.
Don't feel bad this avenue may not be for you now but as you grow and become more confident you may consider stepping in front of the camera.
However, if you are not ready to at this point do not stop yourself from creating a video.
Some of the best videos for My Internet Business, were done with still shots.
You can create very attractive, and profit pulling videos from using still photos.
) Submit your Videos - There are many great networking sites on the Internet that you can submit your videos.
Don't submit your video to one spot, upload them to as many free submissions as you can.
7,) Call To Action - How have I been able to sell My Internet Business products and services? By having a call to action.
Make sure that you at least tell your customer base what you want them to do.
Its important at the end of the video provide your URL where they can visit your products and services.
I highly recommend also including your telephone number should they have questions.
) Originality - Do not copy or use material that is not yours, this is against the law.
If you use any other material make sure that you have permission.
) Marketing Your Video - Once you have uploaded a Video, you will be given a URL.
Now you should go market it.
Post it on a Blog, share it in your favorite social networking spot.
While most submission sites will give you traffic you can help yourself along by sharing your video with others.
) Sharing your Video - I have found one of my best tools are my family, and friends.
They will give you opinions on your video.
When using videos for My Internet Business I always wanted to improve.
If your friends don't like one of your creations do not have hurt feelings ask them what they think you could have done better.
With any form of online marketing you should be looking to improve.
Your friends and family may be a good resource to helping you out.
Video Marketing has become one of the newest online marketing trends.
The one thing that I have noticed when using videos for My Internet Business, is that my clients appear to get to know me and my products before they even visit my website.
One of the most difficult things to having an Internet Business is that you lose that one on one interaction.
Video marketing brings a little of that personal touch to your client base.
Video is just like starting an Internet Business, there are things you must learn and implement.
The best thing you can do for yourself is just go for it.
Take the time to follow some of the above tips.
You will never improve on video marketing until you just start doing it.

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