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How to Install Side View Mirrors on a 1997 Plymouth Breeze

    • 1). Power the window down, and then detach the negative (black) cable from the Plymouth's battery with a pair of pliers. If you intend to install side-view mirrors on each side, make sure you power both windows down.

    • 2). Insert a small tool, such as a flat-head screwdriver, into the edge of the plastic speaker cover on the door panel. Push the tool outward to pop off the speaker cover. Move the cover away to expose the speaker. Next to the speaker mounting screws, you'll find larger screws in a recessed socket.

    • 3). Remove the three recessed screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Store them in the cup holder, or in another secure location. Pry off the small screw panels inside the coin stow and behind the interior door handle. Remove the Phillips screws behind them.

    • 4). Pull away the bottom half of the door panel to unplug the door clips from their mount. Behind the panel, you'll find two electrical connections. Unplug them, and then lift the metal lock rod from the panel post. Push the door panel up and pull it away to remove it. Set it to the side.

    • 5). Trace the electrical cord running from the side-mirror cover to the center of the door skin. Unplug the cord from the connection. This frees the side-view mirror.

    • 6). Remove the two screws from the bottom edge of the side-mirror cover. These are visible with the door panel off. Pull the mirror cover off.

    • 7). Remove the three plastic plugs from behind the mirror cover. These plugs cover the nuts. Use a screwdriver to pry them out if necessary.

    • 8). Slide your hand through the open window. Secure the outside-mirror mount with your hand. Insert the socket wrench into each port on the inside with your other hand. Turn it to remove the mirror nuts. Continue to support the mirror.

    • 9). Pull the mirror off when the bolts are out. Insert the new mirror onto the mount. Be sure to insert the three rods into the three holes. Install and tighten the mirror nuts while providing outside support for the new mirror. Be sure to properly tighten the nuts.

    • 10

      Plug in the mirror electrical connection. Replace the plastic plugs, and then reattach the mirror cover. Tighten the two screws.

    • 11

      Position the door panel in place. Plug in the two electrical connections and attach the lock rod. Push the panel into the door firmly to snap back in the clips.

    • 12

      Re-insert and tighten the three large bolts near the speaker. Position the speaker cover back in place. Push it firmly to reattach it.

    • 13

      Repeat the procedure for the other side-view mirror. Reattach the negative cable to the battery when you finish.

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