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Hypnotize Someone and Almost Play God

When you hypnotize someone and use mind control, you have the ability to make them think anything that you say or do.
We'll almost...
There are several forms, or schools, of hypnosis.
Each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but one of the most powerful forms of hypnosis is conversational hypnosis.
This is often also called covert hypnosis ans uses slight of mouth in order to gain control of your subject's subconscious mind.
The reason this form of hypnosis is called conversational hypnosis is because when you use this method you can instantly hypnotize someone just by having a conversation with them.
Unlike the traditional form of hypnosis, you do not need their permission and they do not even need to know that you are about to put them under a trance.
That's what makes this form of hypnosis so incredibly powerful way to hypnotize someone.
What this is good for is really to have an unfair advantage over people when it comes to persuasion.
You can use conversational hypnosis to hypnotize someone and get them to think or believe anything you say.
If you want them to think you are extremely attractive, you can.
If you want a total stranger to believe they've known you their entire life, you can.
Think about what you can do when you have this ability.
Help people quit smoking, get your boss to give you a raise, help people have more confidence.
There are so many benefits and utilities when you develop this ability.

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