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Global Touchscreen Industry Market Report

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the Global Touchscreen Industry Forecast, Opportunities & Trends 2013-2016 report to their offering.

With the growth of tablet PCs and smartphones the global industry for touchscreens has witnessed substantial growth. A touchscreen detects and locates and touch over a display area. The touchscreen is sensitive to the touch of human fingers or even passive objects such as a stylus.

Touchscreen displays are being used widely in computers, iPads, gaming consoles, PDAs, tablets, smartphones, public kiosks and many other applications today.

With the introduction of the Apple iPhone, the touchscreen industry has been lizterally revolutionized. However, the adoption of touchscreens is costly but in spite of that, it is fast becoming a standardized feature in smartphones, tablet computers and desktop computers as well.

Till now, it has been observed that small and medium enterprises are the ones to have engaged actively in the touchscreen manufacturing business. However, that is changing lately as many large panel makers as well as LCD color filter manufacturers are also making a foray into this business.

The report covers the following:
- An overview about the touchscreen technology including what is touchscreen technology, various types of touchscreen technologies such as resistive, surface acoustic wave, capacitive and others.
- An analysis of the global touchscreen market through an industry overview, the impact of the growing PC market on touchscreens, standardization of touchscreens, cost analysis of touchscreens, business models for the touchscreen market and other factors are looked at.

- An analysis of the supply chain of the global touchscreen market is included.

- An analysis of the global touchscreen market by major technologies such as resistive technology, capacitive technology, technology of PCAP Panels, G2 OGS Method, GFF method and other touchscreen technologies are analyzed in this section. We also include an analysis of the use of carbon nanotubes and graphene in touchscreen technology.
- The production p
rocess of touchscreens is analyzed through the production of cover glass, sensor patterning and printing process, and other processes.

- An analysis of the touchscreen controller IC market.
- A forecast for the global touchscreen market through overall industry forecast, demand and supply forecast, forecast for the global controller IC market, and a forecast for the global touchscreen adoption.
- Competition in the global touchscreen market is looked at.

- An analysis of the major market players is included. Players such as ELK Corporation, Iljin Display, LG Display and others are analyzed in the report.


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