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Ireland - A Country Full of Romance

Irish people are deeply fascinated by music.
We can see many street artists there, and some of them play the guitar and sing songs alone, while some may show us band performances.
For them, street is a live concert place, while tourists and the crowd are their audiences.
Film lovers must have seen a movie called Once, which probably is the representative of Irish movies.
The movie found a view in the streets of Dublin, both sides of which are buildings full of antiquity.
These buildings are all two or three layers with spires and painted with the color of blue and red, which can outline exotic feeling of Ireland.
Of course, the leading actor and leading actress fell in love because of the music in the movie.
The guitar sound of leading actor together with the soft singing of leading actress vividly showed the romantic love of Irish people.
The streets there in reality are also the same with scenes in the movie.
Irish people are crazy about music and we can stop and enjoy their wonderful performances.
Sometimes we can even join them to sing and dance with them.
Streets in Dublin are more bustling on the weekends.
Local people will take out their self-made creative handicrafts and then streets will become a market full of originality.
The incessant cries of seller, coupled with the guitar sound of young performers show us the most authentic Irish amorous feelings.
How can people who like enjoying life live without a cup of Irish coffee? It is said that long before, a bartender fell in love with an airline hostess who only drank whiskey.
And in order to make the airline hostess drink less wine, the bartender prepared a kind of coffee dumbly, which tasted like whiskey.
The combination of mellow coffee, strong whiskey and its unique fragrance attracted the beautiful airline hostess.
Then the modern Irish coffee came into being.
Dublin is full of small-sized cafes and we can sit on the blue-white wooden chair outside, bask in the sun and glance at the beauty of Ireland.
Or you can listen to the local music in the cafe.
Ireland is a place suitable for living and spending remaining years in comfort.
There is no fast tempo here.
In addition, there is no tall buildings and great mansions crowed by people.
Leisure is the lifestyle of Irish People.

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