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5 Unusual Places To Promote Your Business

To implement some of these unusual tactics, you need to have some basic tools, those being business cards, promotional items and website.

These basic marketing tools are affordable to any small business owner.

* Business cards are a given, and in this digital age, they are extremely affordable.
* Promotional material is another affordable way to gain high exposure for little investment.
* A website is a must have in todays world that can also be created for little money.

Once you have these tools you can then begin to take advantage of these innovative and unusual marketing tips.

1. Blogs

Ok, so you have a website. How do you make sure your website is seen by the Internet population? Search Engine Optimisation savvy is how. SEO is the term used to describe the methods in which businesses and individuals can increase their website traffic. Regular updates of genuine content is a great way to increase traffic. Creating a blog tab or link on your site is a way to keep your content fresh. Your blog could be a quirky and personal way to capture the hearts of your clientele. Your blog could contain reviews, list other sites or contain Youtube and photographic posts that relate to your company. The possibilities are endless with blogs, and they are a great and free way to connect with your target market.

2. YouTube

All of the big advertising agencies do it so why cant you? Everyone knows the viral effect of a funny or amazing video clip. So why not make your own? Think of a fun and clever video to post that relates to your business and, of course, link it to your website. As long as the content and tone is appropriate, it is another cute, personal and free way to attract attention and promote your business.

3. Business Card Drops

You can use your business card to act as a convenient and portable ad. Drop it anywhere you think you might have potential clientele. If you are a TV repair service, drop one inside a TV store, or just outside. If you have a pizza shop, why not pop one on the bar at the local pub. This kind of grass roots marketing works on a small scale but could be quite effective if you choose your drop points well, and do it regularly.

4. Schools

Schools are untapped resource when it comes to the promotion of local businesses. There are many ways you can utilise your local schools to promote your business. You can offer donations for every time a school parent uses or buys your products or services. You can donate your products and services for their fundraising events, of which there are always many. For every child there are two adults that you have the potential to reach, and you have already got a head start because you are putting back into the community.

5. Promotional Gifts

When you want to hand out your promotional gifts, whether it be hats, key rings, bottles or mints, take an out of the box approach to your strategy. Think of places that people always go like supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurant strips. Hand them out at sporting games, community fairs and markets. People always love something when its free.

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