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English learning options in Malta

Malta has been recently been granted acceptance in the European Union. This region has been known for its rich heritage and culture and stories of glory, merchants and pilgrims and thus, is considered to be a jewel of the Mediterranean. Malta boasts a history that dates back to 3600 BC and is evident from the Neolithic temples found in the region. This part of the world served as the hub for the many nations and cultures of the historical era and was known as “Malat” or “safe heaven”.

Malta came under the influence of the English culture in the 1800s, when it voluntarily chose to become a part of the Great Britain. By the thirtieth decade of the previous century, English along with Maltese was declared as the official language of the region.  Prior to this, the elites of the region conversed and communicated in the Italian language. Upon independence from the British Empire in 1964, Malta emerged as a nation showing progressive signs of improvement that has lured many into the highly productive business prospects that it offers.

There are many options for the students to overcome the language barriers and learning to speak English, which has become a vital communication tool and is being used in almost all the walks of life, worldwide. One concept of ‘host families’ that is in practice in Malta, is a very effective way to learn the language. It entails that the students live with the local Maltese families during their English courses, to implement what they have learnt into their daily lives.

With the optimum levels of successful results being produced; students from nations like Far East and even South America are getting themselves enrolled in the English language courses being offered in Malta. By joining hands with the European Union, Malta has been swept into a flood of economic and business activities, which demands the apt use of the English language at various stages, which is also empirical for its survival and sustenance of growth rate.

With the top-notch facilities provided by the Maltese educational system, excellent academic levels have been ensured, which not disperse quality education to the residents but also, entertain the visitors as well. Malta experienced a boom in the education and the tourism sector at about the same time. Malta offers worldwide renowned certificates of language courses that are further divided into categories like Business English etc. This region has acquired a language holiday destination status, where the most reputed international and national language centers have popped up, to facilitate combating the language barriers for many. Malta boasts a list of independent schools, which have achieved the highest score in the world for the Cambridge First Certificates.

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